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3 Bean Soup For Healthier Life

Ever wonder why you got sick easily? From Chinese medicine's perspective, your body is too WET. Yes. You head it right. When your body contains so much water, it actually lower your immune system and make you weaker to defend the outside germs. You often feel tired more quickly. 

3 Bean soup is a one of the most famous recipes to reduce the amount of water absorbed in your body and still keep you hydrated. Here is how to make it. 
  • 1 cup of red bean
  • 1 cup of green bean
  • 1 cup of black bean
We recommend to buy the organic beans from organic store like Whole Food. You can also find it in most Chinese grocery store.

How to make it:
  • Pre-soak the beans in different bowl for 6-8 hours. 
  • Rinse them with drinking water
  • Add water and slowly cook them for at least 3 hours depends on how soft you want the bean to taste. 
You don't have to add any sugar, the sweetness will dissolved from the bean itself. Of course, you can add some brown sugar, but keep in mind that sugar will keep the water in your body. So it's against the idea of moving water out of your body. 

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