The First Step To Happiness

Everyone is different. So please don’t envy other people’s life. The first step to live happily is to define your happiness!


Depends on your personality, your living environment and your desire to live the life you want, your happiness will be different. Some people like to watch TV, play video all day long. Some people like to travel around the world and meet different people. Some people just want to spend their money buying luxury handbags or driving exotic supercars. Some people collect coins or antique. And some people just want to do nothing or go a wrong turn to do bad things or take drugs. Doesn’t matter what makes you happy, one thing is always the same.

Happiness comes from outside of your comfort zone.

Achieve something different outside of your comfort zone will make you happy!

I and my wife love to travel and seeing different things. And we don’t travel cheap. In order to do so, we have to stay healthy with enough money to spend. So here is our thinking logic!

  • Work Smarter to make more money passively
    • Never overspending on things that we don’t really need
    • Invest properly
    • Start online business
    • Create a passive income stream
  • Stay healthy, so we don’t spend our hard-working money for medical bill
    • Eat Well
    • Exercise regularly
  • Travel smarter instead of travel cheaplly.